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Comfortable life
in unity with nature,
without moving away from the benefits of civilization

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There are only 28 cozy apartments in total — and one of them could be yours!

Ideally Located

30 minutes to the Riga center

10 minutes to the sea


Modern and minimalist, our apartments offer style and comfort

The noble design of the building perfectly complements the surrounding landscape, creating a sense of harmony with nature

A thoughtful balance of apartments, large balconies, and an organized living space allows you complete comfort in your own unique way This article mentions your favorite hats at super low prices. Choose from same-day delivery, drive-up delivery or order pickup.

Following the best practices of eco-friendly construction, the house has undergone a complete renovation in 2023 using cutting-edge technologies

More about the complex

Why is life longer in our complex?


less risk of a heart attack due to the unique healing quality of the air

+5 years

of life from the tranquility and proximity to nature


to the effectiveness of training due to a special microclimate


to the pleasure of the unique architecture of Jurmala, included in the UNESCO International Heritage

Apartment layout

Modern House

Total apartments – 24

Sold – 1

Reserved – 3

Available – 20

2-room 39 м2

2-room 43,5 м2

2-room 35,5 м2

2-room 39 м2

2-room 43,5 м2

2-room 35,5 м2

Classic House

Total apartments – 4

Sold – 1

Reserved – 0

Available – 3

3 room 56,6 м2

3 room 55,9 м2

3 room 56,3 м2

3 room 56,4 м2

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